Wrapping Up 2016, Ramping Up 2017: 16 Key Questions to Get You Focussed and Ready For Success in 2017 (Part One)

02-tanya-kersey-instagram-imageHey there, Tanya Kersey here and today i’ve got a question for you.

How has 2016 turned out for you?

Did you accomplish all your goals this year? If you didn’t, I’m sure you don’t want 2017 to be a whole long year that started with good intentions. You want to make 2017 the year you experience break-through filmmaker’s success and there’s no reason not to make the filmmaker career growth and success you want. If you’re committed to making 2017 your best year yet, then it’s time to wrap up 2016 and ramp up 2017.

Listen we’ve only got three weeks left in 2016. Only 21 days left to get clear on your goals and commit on following through on them no matter what.

Only 3 weeks left to decide that you’ll finally finish what you started instead of allowing negative thoughts and beliefs to control your actions. Yes guys, the clock is ticking and you’ll never get this day, this month or this year back.

In fact at some point, you’ve got to ask yourself, isn’t it time to stop listening to my fears and start acting on my faith? Because the truth is you’re a powerful person beyond measure and 2017 is a year to create a new reality for your life and for your career.

December is a great month to start planning for next year. I feel January brings a fresh start. The next 12 months are spotless and ready to be filled with whatever you put into it. So if you plan in December, you can hit the ground running in January while others take weeks to get started.

So I’d love to show you how to make some quick, yet lasting breakthroughs in your thinking,productivity,prosperity and power that have helped so many of the filmmakers I work with as private clients. It’s helped them generate great results and success.

So what I’m going to do is running a free 5 part weekly planning series. It’s going to be called ‘Things to Begin Now, so your film career thrives in 2017’.

And I’m doing this to help you focus not only on what you need to do as we head into 2017, but on who you need to become in order to get everything you want. I’m going to show you a few simple tweaks you can move from a self-sabotaging anxiety driven filled filmmaker who is caught up in constant and overwhelmed state of being busy, but getting nothing done to become a confident, motivated, constantly improving and successful filmmaker.

Because it’s your time to prove that your filmmaking career is legit and that it deserves the kind of success you’ve always known is possible.

So this is part 1 of my free 5 part series and before you start identifying goals and making plans for 2017, I want you to reflect back on 2016.

An important part of preparing for the New Year is to reviewing the past year so you can learn from it. Reflect up on what you did, how you felt, what you liked, what you didn’t and what you learned.

Try to look at yourself and your experience objectively as you can. Much like a biographer would. You need to know what worked and what didn’t work for you in 2016.

You need to make sure you’re doing the right things. You need to know where you’re failing. You need to make sure you’re on the right path and you can only do that by looking to the past.

I want you to take an inventory of what you accomplished in 2016 and where you’re at today and clarify what you don’t want to repeat from this year in 2017.

Begin with a detailed and comprehensive review and overview of 2016. If we don’t know our situation now, we can’t properly set goals for 2017. Set aside some time to reflect on your professional element over the last year and use that to determine your future path.

If you need help jogging your memory, take a look at old photos, your appointment book, your journal and anything that will help you remember the past year. Go back through all the pictures on your phone throughout the year. That’s another fun way to reflect on what has happened!

Begin reflecting on how 2016 has been for you to set yourself up for success in 2017. The next part of this article, i’m going to share with you the 16 key questions to set yourself up to succeed in the new year.

Speak soon,

Tanya Kersey.

  • December 9, 2016

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