The Ugly Side of Hollywood Emails: Rage & Rant

You can’t imagine the ridiculous number of emails I receive on a daily basis … HUNDREDS!!!  I could literally spend all day just reading and responding to emails. That’s bad enough.  But what really drives me crazy is the endless stream of emails I get from the uninformed, misinformed, delusional, sense-of-entitlement’ers and naive wannabees who are looking for a hook-up.

I almost think its a generational issue.  I remember when I was a working actress and model in NYC (way back in the day), me and my cohorts were well informed by reading the trades (Show Business and Backstage), being mentored by veteran thespians and educating ourselves about the business of show business.  We knew this was a business and conducted ourselves accordingly.  We knew success required pounding the pavement and paying our dues.  We knew that no one owed us anything.  We dug in deep and were in it until we made it.

Conversely, I think the up-and-comers of today are way more naive and uneducated about the business of show business.  They expect fast success.  There’s a sense of entitlement like someone owes them and everyone should be on board to help them because “they’ve got talent” or “the best film idea ever,” LOL.  Its all about them.  The depth of ignorance and lack of business acumen among newbie actors, writers and filmmakers is disturbing and dumbfounding.  It makes me sad to know that this is how so many people are going about the business of developing their careers.

Take a look at some of the recent emails I’ve received and you’ll understand my rage and my need to rant. Keep in mind that these are first emails from complete strangers.

  • I have a project that’s perfect for BET.  You’ve never seen anything like it.  Can you introduce me to an agent?  Of course I’ll give you a finder’s fee.

  • I have a film and am looking for financing.  If you bring in the money I’ll give you a cut.

  • I have always had a thing for acting. Need new talent? 🙂

  • When I watched this trailer, I felt this was talent waiting to be exposed. So I jumped on here [LinkedIn] and allowed God to lead me to the person that he wanted me to send this to.

  • I’m sending this to ask you for a brief recommendation of my work that I can include in my LinkedIn profile. If you have any questions, let me know.

  • I have two great projects that I would like to go into production this fall. Budgeting only permits one. I have a [genre] project, and then there’s my [genre] project. Which of the two do you think will sell faster, or be an easier acquisition sale?

  • My goal is to have my script produced.  I need help to open one door… could you help me and tell me what I should do?

  • Could you spare a few minutes to give me some advice?

  • Hello Tanya, can you tell me how you can help me?  I have a script I’d like to get into the movies.

  • I’m a talented and passionate person of this faith is strong as a man of God and here in VA a lot of people think hollywood is a fairytale…I need a chance for someone like yourself to steer me in the right direction.

  • My name is [name] I am an 18 year old director I have been writing many movies and scripts and just want them to get big. I feel that they have potential to make it to the big screen please if there’s anything you can do let me know.

What is wrong with this picture?

PLEASE post your thoughts and comments below.


  • July 9, 2013

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Eddy Duran - July 9, 2013 Reply

How fucking dare you Rage & Rant about your own doings! You have a lot of fucking nerves! Maybe you shouldn’t post your fucking emails to the “uninformed, misinformed, delusional, sense-of-entitlement’ers and naïve wannabees.” But of course you wouldn’t do that because these are the same people that keep your fucking lights on. You want to stop receiving emails? Stop selling dreams and I will guarantee you the emails will stop, and you can then go on with your life. You are the one who thinks you’re entitled, you think you have the answers, you prey on the same people you ridicule, that’s where the ugliness lays. Check yourself before talking about other.

Eddy Duran

Let Your Content Be Your Guide.

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    Tanya Kersey - July 9, 2013 Reply


    These ARE NOT the people who keep my lights on. Many of these are the people that want me to give to them for free what my clients pay for. I’m talking about the people who want freebies and handouts, and they are not looking to engage my services on a professional paid basis. I coach and consult for a living and I’m not going to spend my time giving free detailed information to non-clients.

    As my way of giving back to the masses, I share a lot of FREE information through the Blog on my website. In fact, I’ve been dishing out FREE information and advice for nearly 20 years. I did an online radio show “Inside Urban Hollywood” for 2 years that gave information and advice on a weekly basis (you can go to BlogTalkRadio and listen to the archives of nearly 100 interviews).

    The anger in your very public message speaks more about you than me.

    God bless you!

      Haji Abdullah - July 12, 2013 Reply

      Whatever happened to Inside Urban Hollywood I miss that show

patchbran - July 9, 2013 Reply

well, i’m just going to go the opposite route of post #1 & say, that was a funny rant. & i enjoyed every hint of irony. of course, no one peed in my cornflakes this morning, so guess i’m in a much better, non profane mood.

Anike Bay - July 9, 2013 Reply

Tanya,I learned that If you make one step God with make two . . . In That order! I don’t ask anyone for financial help to produce my movies,nor do I ask for financial help for non production issues,I absolutely do it myself . . . I get out here and I hustle! I do research,I Google my butt off,and I study my craft! Even if it means production will take a month or two longer than normal too complete . . .Day in and day out,I’m on my grind! The people that asked all of those questions in emails to you will learn it as well. . . Make that one step!

nycoleurbanfilm - July 9, 2013 Reply

As a hard worker myself who doesnt ask for handouts or charity i can understand tanyas frustration. especially after conducting a casting for an event and someone couldnt follow instructions in the casting.

however I also see where ed is coming from although i dont agree with his evasive response, tanya is an industry “coach” and strategist. so i was a bit to why the email of someone asking for.advice was included on the list? Advice is better then saying ” hey tale a lool at my script and pitch it” it could have gotten a response of “do your homework” you can discover amazing things.

it is always important no matter how far we go in life to remember we were once the folks who needed guidance and advice, not handouts.


    Tanya Kersey - July 9, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for your response. The reason I put someone asking for advice on the list is because advice means me taking time out of my schedule to talk to you about specifics and detailed information about your career. That is what I do for a living – give advice and direction.

    Also, I offer a free 10 minute consult through my website but few people take the time to even go through my website to see what I offer so they don’t know about the free 10 minute consult. I have a process as to how I conduct those free consults. Its too easy for people to use social media and emails to just reach out to people that they can’t access otherwise. I hope that clarifies things for you.

      Rhonda Smith - July 10, 2013 Reply

      Although it is understandable that you’re frustrated with people asking questions like this, maybe this can be an opportunity to change some of the content on your website. You might want to have an FAQ section on your website that is devoted to comments/ questions like these that you find frustrating.

      The ultimate responsibility for finding information lies with the person who is asking for help. But the reality is that we are all so inundated with information online with emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc. that sometimes it’s hard to sift through all of it to try and find what you’re actually looking for. To some, it may seem easier to just shoot you an email with 1 or 2 questions as opposed to reading through the massive amount of content on your site. Just a thought!

Brennan Pearl - July 9, 2013 Reply

You’ve given back 20 years of knowledge, an action you should be getting a reward for considering people like you are none existing in today’s communities. But instead you get a ass hole who doesn’t have a clue of all you do and have done. I would tell you what we think of ignorant individuals like that in these streets but I don’t want to make this R Rated. Keep up the good work..

    Tanya Kersey - July 9, 2013 Reply

    LOL. Thanks Brennan.

Floyd Marshall - July 9, 2013 Reply

Well I guess the young man spoke his mind. OK. I enjoyed the article, very truthful and I think we’ve all been subject to what you spoke about at length in the article, just maybe on a smaller scale. It’s not about “selling” dreams or anything else. It’s about patronizing a professional business. It’s about getting a product that will further and enhance your career. Now I’ve read your other articles where you give insightful instructions on what to or not to do in this business. I’ve listened to your blog radio where you’ve interviewed established performers and artists, all toward an end of making the next generation of actors, writers and filmmakers better. And I don’t believe I paid anything, a lot of us have an instant gratification gene where it has to be now, but if you were to look at every established anything anywhere and you do your research, you’ll see that it took them a number of years to build and establish a brand. When more new industry people finally realize this, they’ll be a lot better off and instead of plying you with emails, they’ll be honing their craft. Keep up the phenomenal work Tanya Kersey.

Robin - July 9, 2013 Reply

You’re a pro! Great post and an issue that I think about a lot. I wouldn’t dream of asking for off-the-cuff advice from an attorney or and MD at a social gathering. Similarly, I wouldn’t break into song or a solliloquy for a producer or directors. Some of those people are innocent and just need a reminder that it’s show BUSINESS!

    Tanya Kersey - July 9, 2013 Reply

    Exactly! Thank you.

      Screen writer - July 9, 2013 Reply

      You seem to agree with those who agree with you. I don’t agree with you and this rant at all. Perhaps you were having a bad day but you created a public forum and now seem annoyed that people are asking for help when you have considered yourself an expert. And there is no protocol when it comes to show biz… There are men and women who sleep their way to the top, is that what you consider paying dues?

Dominique LaFleur - July 9, 2013 Reply

Wow I can’t believe the reaction from that Eddy character, it just reinforces the naive mind set and sense if entitlement Tanya was talking about. He was really passionate and full of so much anger.
I believe we are put here to help each other not tear each other up. Instead of attacking Tanya how about sign up for a consultation to partake of her gifts that can help you move forward instead sitting in the same spot, not moving forward and bad mouthing someone.
I can understand the need to rant and vent, it does take a toll after a while and with reality tv and the way the industry is shifting people more than ever are looking for that ” overnight success”, its crazy.
Serious people understand this is a business and thank goodness for blogs from industry pros because it has helped me gain so much knowledge. I personally always feel in the know and positive about my career. Thank you for sharing this Miss Twinkie. Before this I did not know a lot about Tanya but now that I do I am definitely going to take advantage of her blogs and oodles of info she provides and ya never know; when I am ready I have a new contact I can call for a consultation. Take care and thank you both for all the knowledge you always share. : )

Laquayva - July 9, 2013 Reply

You nailed it! This is a BUSINESS, not a charity. It always amazes me how many actors, film makers, etc. don’t understand this. They need to educate themselves, work hard, never stop learning, and lose the bad attitude & sense of entitlement.

Screen writer - July 9, 2013 Reply

I think that you should work on being a more positive person overall. You were modeling 20-30 years ago and things were different. People look to you for guidance and you took their personal emails to you as a person seeking advice and made it a negative thing. Some might think you soliciting funds for services that you have not truly mastered (those than can do, those who can’t teach – old saying) as lacking in taste.

You wrote a very angry email to your entire list of followers expecting them to agree with you. I don’t agree. And I think you put a lot of negative energy out for no real reason.

    Tanya Kersey - July 9, 2013 Reply

    We can agree to disagree. Interestingly, most of my professional industry colleagues applauded my statement because they too, experience the same countless emails on a regular basis.

    I have no idea what you’re alluding to in terms of me soliciting funds for things I have not mastered, LOL. I don’t solicit funds. I am a coach and a consultant and I market my services. Its called BUSINESS marketing.

    Time doesn’t change business. 20-30 years ago there was no internet and you wouldn’t dare call someone to ask their advice or call to ask them to help you fund their movie, LOL. You sent postcards and photos by mail and prayed for a response. Today, social media makes it easy for people to reach out and unfortunately, it has blurred the lines between what is professional and what is not.

    The point of the email was to show that these types of emails, this form of email communication, is futile.


Gerard Keith - July 9, 2013 Reply

Steven Spielberg once said the best way to break into Hollywood is to “lie.” This man began his career by breaking into the Universal Studios lot and using a vacant office as his own. This industry is unlike any other in the world because theres no set way of breaking in; no Personnel office to visit to fill out an application. No book, trade, website, blog, festival, workshop or advice filled meeting teaches a person how to break into an industry where Lindsay Lohan continues to secure starring roles in movies while hundreds of talented struggling [black] actresses who arent ex-con, coke-whores cant get a guest stint on an AFTRA Exhibit B tv show. There are plenty of talented people out there who hustle and grind daily, but are overlooked for roles and jobs for various reasons. There are people who have gone to workshop after workshop, meeting after meeting, convention after convention, networked at this industry hotspot and that industry hangout and are knowledgeable of industry jargon, got “friends” at this studio, that network, this record label and that agency and yet get overlooked for roles and jobs. This, Tanya, is the ugly side of Hollywood in my opinion. Now, im glad that you exist, that you’re able to put together a festival for US, promote industry news related to US and offer guidance and advice from your years in this town. But lady, if these harmless emails from these aspiring, ambitious but ignorant folks are getting under your skin, how on Earth have you been able to keep your sanity in Hollywood??

I got my first SAG voucher by writing a letter to Rene Balcer, showrunner for Law and Order Criminal Intent as well as Law and Order: LA. Got a meeting at Screen Gems by emailing Clint Culpepper, President of Screen Gems. Got a meeting at CAA by emailing Adam Berkowitz, Head of TV Packaging at CAA. Got my first Literary Option by smiling at the right rich white lady and the right time. Got my second Literary Option by fucking the right person. None of these people expected anything in return from me because I had nothing to give them. They helped a struggling, young black man out because not every good deed needs to be a monetary transaction. Well, except the one I slept with. YIKES. Long story short, YA NEVER KNOW. So of all those emails you posted earlier, you dont know whatll become of any of those people who fueled your rage and rant. So take it easy on them ma’am. We’ve all been there.

    Tanya Kersey - July 9, 2013 Reply

    My email post was a rant, a humorous one at that, poking fun at the absurdity of some of the emails. Of course I don’t let a bunch if emails drive me crazy, LOL. For those that took it personal as if I attacked them, they need to get thicker skin. By the way, the emails are more sad than anything else because it just goes to show the naivete and “green-ness” of so many people who spend years trying to break into the business. Might I add that I do respond to these emails and guide them to my website blog for FREE information, “Inside Urban Hollywood” archives, and my paid coaching/consulting services. Unfortunately, most people would rather make mistakes doing things the wrong way instead of investing in their careers and getting the advice/direction that could actually help them.

      Gerard Keith - July 10, 2013 Reply

      Tanya, I guess you missed the point I made. I don’t consider those emails absurd at all. If you do, then tell you what, pretend those questions are coming from the mouth of someone who has access to a lot of money. Would you label a potential financier’s ignorance “absurd?” NO. Because its easier to put down someone who cant do anything for you rather than someone who can write a check that will take your vision to the next level.

      I have a very wealthy friend who comes from a wealthy family out of MD who knows NOTHING about the entertainment industry. As a matter of fact, my friend is the epitome of a businessman with multiple ventures, owns properties and was making half a million a year by his mid 20’s. As business savvy as he is, he can not grasp “Hollywood” and has even stated to me that “it seems Hollywood is run on pixie dust and prayers.” I will NEVER forget this quote.

      Now lets say someone like my friend decided to one day get into the entertainment industry and hit u up with a question that you considered absurd because believe it or not, he has actually asked me things that made me go…huh. But he can buy and sell my ass MANY times over if he wanted. Not everybody will understand the inner workings of Hollywood, even the most business minded. But that doesnt make their inquiries “absurd.”

      If you treat everyone with equal consideration, then you don’t have to worry about that one schmuck whose toes you stepped on coming back to haunt you.

    Anike Bay - July 10, 2013 Reply

    Gerard Keith,How is Tanya supposed to make a living as an consultant if she’s giving out free information all day every day and twice on Sundays? Also,during the course of the day . . .When do you feel would be a great time for her to take care of her paying clients? Honestly? It’s OK to answer a few people responses via email,because I do it,but that gets old real quick! Trust me! Any-who,The way I see it, If those same people take the time and energy to look through Tanya’s website they will see that there’s a PayPal button for all of the questions that they’re asking . . . I’m just saying! I wouldn’t dare call my entertainment lawyer or address him in numerous emails asking business questions and looking for business responses without paying him for his services…. That’s just outright crazy! I mean . . . Where They Do That At?

      Tanya Kersey - July 10, 2013 Reply

      Thank you Anike! Exactly my thoughts. There is no way I can explain the intricacies and all the elements involved in financing, distributing or producing a film in a 5 minute phone conversation about a project I have no information on. If people truly want help, they should find consultants like me they can work with long-term on their careers and projects.

        Anike Bay - July 10, 2013 Reply

        You’re welcome,Tanya!:-)

      Gerard Keith - July 10, 2013 Reply

      Ms. Anike Bay…Ms. Tanya has made a living just fine from what I gather. She’s done well and we all appreciate what shes done, does and will do for our small community. But Ms. Tanya is not exempt from being called out when Ms. Tanya makes a blunder and this rant was just that. Momma Keith taught me, “Gerard, bite your tongue cuz you never know….”

      And Ms. Tanya should not be giving out advice on Sunday, much less twice…she should rest. And I hope to meet Ms. Tanya and you, Ms. Anike Bay…one day…maybe over some Skys Tacos on Pico. Was just turned onto that place. Gotta go to bed now, driving down to friggin Orange County tomorrow for a friggin Buffalo Wild Wings commercial.

        Anike Bay - July 11, 2013 Reply

        Gerard Keith,Lol . . . You’re funny! :-). I look forward to meeting you one day as well,but until then Have a great day,Hun! Lol!

Screen writer - July 9, 2013 Reply

Thank you!
There is not a right way to do anything in this world. But one way to not get what you want.. is to not try.

    Gerard Keith - July 9, 2013 Reply

    Thank you Screen Writer. Now to add to what i said earlier, given my experiences in this town for the last 9 years, it would be fair to say that white and jewish hollywood will help a brotha without reciprocation before black hollywood. But I wont say that, cuz i guess im an optimist and have a little faith in our people.

    But it is a LITTLE!! lol

    Tanya Kersey - July 9, 2013 Reply

    True! But as you probably know, many people try for years on end without any success because they were uneducated and uninformed! That’s one of the points I seek to make. Kudos for trying but if it doesn’t get you anywhere, why keep repeating the same thing and expect a different result?

J. - July 9, 2013 Reply

To answer the question, ‘what’s wrong with that picture’ in my opinion, is that those people do not understand that you must have previous professional experience and they do not understand that you have to start somewhere- no one that I know of has had a big Hollywood project as their first or second job. I had many, many other jobs- lots of non paid & some paid- in smaller markets prior to working in Hollywood. And I still hesitate to ask for favors. And even then I started as a PA in theater. Additionally, if you are asking a person that you have no prior relationship nor experience with for a favor, it’s also important that you have something to present to those that you want to help you; and if you have little to no professional experience, you really need to have a relationship with people first before asking. Experience plus a sincere relationship, plus having a reel or something to show – even if it’s not the most current, plus a positive attitude, strong work ethic, proven track record of good work -even if it’s not all in Hollywood- will likely make it easier for seasoned professionals like Tanya Kersey to help those asking.

    Tanya Kersey - July 9, 2013 Reply

    Excellent point! NO ONE is going to put their reputation on the line and recommend someone they don’t know and have no relationship with. This is Business 101 but unfortunately, when it comes to the entertainment industry, common sense goes out the window and people think because they have what they call “the best idea in the world” (LOL), folks should be jumping through hoops to help them. Not! It doesn’t work that way.

      Anike Bay - July 10, 2013 Reply

      Exactly,Tanya!Indusrty bigs are not going to be jumping through hoops just because you feel as if you’ve got “the best idea in the world.” Lol!When I pitched at a film festival earlier this year,I got signed by a distributor immediately,because I was prepared. I had a trailer,I had a completed featured film,and I practiced my pitch by watching Youtube videos! Now,on the other hand,there were many people who didn’t come prepared,they didn’t have a trailer,they hadn’t film the movie,and they didn’t have a screenplay written, but what they did have is the nerve to ask the distributors on the panel for money. In-fact,as I recall one brother had the nerve to ask for $1,000,000 to fund his project! I kid you not! The panel was taken back by that request, and after the three day pitching was done the panel members said,”Don’t be coming up in here asking for money when you have nothing to show us . . . Not even a trailer!” They also said, “It’s best for us to raise the money, make the movie,create a trailer,and then come back!” I’m just saying that, if you make one step God will make two . . .In that order!

        Tanya Kersey - July 10, 2013 Reply

        Anike, so you can imagine me dodging emails from people wanting me to help them finance their films. I don’t know these people, they share no information on their projects, who they are, etc. I think its a lack of common sense or maybe laziness that people just don”t do their homework. I feel no obligation to even respond to those types of inquiries because they are so clueless.

          Anike Bay - July 10, 2013 Reply

          Yes,I know exactly what You’re talking about,Tanya! In-fact,I’ve had people ask me to write their books for them, and I’m like “NO WAY,Dude,I’ve got 25 books in my own head That I’m trying to bring to the big screen” SMH! Any-who,I feel as if it’s a little bit of laziness,but then again It could be a little bit of both!Any-who, They must do their homework and they must take that one step . . .

Christie H. - July 9, 2013 Reply

Yes, the rage and rant was entertaining to say the least.. Lol. I’m just a young filmmaker who wants to learn everything their is to know about filmaking and producing.. Whether it takes me 2 to 20 years, I am going to perfect my craft.. This isn’t an “instant” business.. This business takes much needed time and dedication. S/n I’m excited about this years’ festival. This is my first one.

    Anike Bay - July 10, 2013 Reply

    Be blessed,Christie H, and keep that positive attitude and you will make it!:-)

    Tanya Kersey - July 10, 2013 Reply

    Looking forward to seeing you at HBFF 2013 Christie!

jayms - July 10, 2013 Reply

I guess I don’t actually understand your rant because it seems like the emails weren’t that bad and a lot of what you mentioned didn’t fit them. I don’t see the sense of entitlement that you mentioned, but more like people who are passionate about something and not know how to start. I’m sure you are not this person, but the rant makes you sound superior then they are because “me and my cohorts were well informed by read­ing the trades (Show Busi­ness and Back­stage), being men­tored by vet­eran thes­pi­ans and edu­cat­ing our­selves about the busi­ness of show busi­ness. We knew this was a busi­ness and con­ducted our­selves accordingly”. This is all stuff of privilege, if not elite, and knowledge, and these emailers obviously don’t have that; and while it may be sad it doesn’t seem right to exploit it. So, using phrases like “depth of ignorance” and “lack of business acumen” sounds more like a lack of humility.

    Tanya Kersey - July 10, 2013 Reply


    It was not stuff of privilege. We used our heads and researched and read. We understood it was a business. The fact that today’s generation has the benefit of the Internet and the ability to find out about anything on Google makes the lack of business acumen even more troublesome. There is little effort being made towards learning how to be about the business of show business today. That is not an elitist point of view. It is what it is. Similarly, people think they’re a filmmaker because they picked up a camera and shot something and then want to know how to put it in the movies. I find that to be extremely naive. Just sayin.

      Anike Bay - July 10, 2013 Reply

      Tanya,Lol! No you didn’t say that . . .:-) lol!

C. Mikki - July 10, 2013 Reply

I always read your emails with a mirror in my hand so I can see if it’s a lesson I need to learn. For me, I had the 10 minute session and purchased the bootcamp. Best thing I ever did! It was a tremendous help b/c a year later, I had a film produced. There is so much information out there that it becomes hard to decipher what to take and what not to take so coming to a person like you feels safe and trustworthy. There’s not a lot of that “safety” factor out there. Coming from the angle of a person who wanted something, learned how to do it and DID it, I don’t think I really thought about how many people must be asking all the time for advice. I can see how in your world the constant emails would get annoying but hopefully there are times where you can see the heart and intention of the person sending the email. The lesson I took is that if you don’t have a personal relationship, don’t ask for advice. If a person sees what you are doing, they will reach out and say hey, you should do this. Otherwise, don’t ask. Well that’s hard many times because if I don’t ask then how do I know? Well that’s where praying comes in I guess. 🙂 That’s been working out pretty good so far for me so I’ll have to just start praying for the people that see what I’m doing to tell me…hey…you should do this or you should meet this person. That’s actually how it happened for my film. People came to me and said hey…you should…and I said okay! And it worked! So the moral of the email is my mantra: A positive attitude will attract opportunity. Keep on being straight up with us Ms. Kersey, there’s learning in everything.

Floyd Marshall - July 10, 2013 Reply

I’m reading some of the posts and I must say I’m a little surprised. A friend of mine who happens to live in LA, Reggie Gaskins once told me, “Floyd, nobody in this business owes you ANYTHING.” No one owes anyone anything, you have to earn it. Now in her defense, not once did Tanya say she doesn’t help or give advice. What she said was, it’s frustrating to get so many emails asking for “free” stuff. Now to every actor/director/screenwriter on this post. DO YOU WORK FOR FREE? Yes you may give advice on this or that, but DO YOU WORK FOR FREE? So if I a filmmaker came to you the sag actor and told you I have this phenomenal role, no pay, no low budget contract, but the script is off the chain. I just need you for a couple of days. Would you do it or refer me to your agent? Now if we have a relationship we may work something out, but I guarantee you ain’t working for free. Why do we as black folk always think we can get the hook up? You wouldn’t dare go to your white counterparts and keep asking them for free stuff, but the sister you’re going to keep hitting her up? So yea, real rant or comedic rant it’s a well substantiated rant. Like someone said, come correct with some credentials, a reel, a resume, a professional head shot etc and maybe something can be worked out. And remember, you get what you pay for, so if you’re always looking for the freebie I’d be cognizant of who’s giving the free advice.

    Tanya Kersey - July 10, 2013 Reply

    Floyd … word! Many of the comments I’ve received just prove the point that people don’t read and do their research. These people obviously didn’t take the time to find out that I’ve been giving, for FREE, for the last 20 years. They don’t know how many products and services I’ve created to help people. I’d be homeless and hungry if I answered all the questions I receive and took them all by the hand guiding them towards success. Instead, I’ve offered up some freebies and built a business on coaching and consulting others and still that’s not enough Hmmm.

    Anike Bay - July 11, 2013 Reply

    Say it again,Floyd Marshall,and In That order! I totally agree!:-)

Richard Givens - July 10, 2013 Reply

What I find funny is that the person sending that email thinks that they are the only one sending those emails. Yes I have received some of those as well. When you are going through hundreds of emails a day as many of us do in this business it does be come bothersome. We all have different ways of venting. This is your safe and sane way of venting, thats why we have blogs. Continue to use your blog to vent, while educating at the same time. 🙂

    Tanya Kersey - July 10, 2013 Reply

    Exactly Richard — its my blog to vent and rant on! And with 5,000 FB friends, 1,300 Twitter followers, 6,500 on mailing list. And add another 7,700 HBFF Likes in FB and 3,100 HBFF Twitter followers, you can imagine how many people mght think they are the only ones reaching out to me, LOL.

Fellowman - July 10, 2013 Reply

Welp…I think there are much uglier sides of Hollywood than dealing with people who are new to the often byzantine Hollywood ettiquette system (which evolved actually to keep people in place, outsiders out and insiders in).

I guess I’m the kind of guy who goes by the rule of “a closed mouth don’t get fed.”

People will get over their feelings of being put upon, when they see you have something to offer. And obviously the persons making queries believe they have something to offer or why else would they bother trying to contact you.

    Tanya Kersey - July 10, 2013 Reply

    Fellowman … that’s the problem! Naivete! Everyone has ideas but you can’t just email someone, tell them you have an idea and ask them to help you. You have to help yourself. You can’t expect anyone to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of making your dreams come true.

      Fellowman - July 11, 2013 Reply

      I think some of the posters felt you came off a little “hubristic” Ms. Kersey if you really want to know. I’ve met you in person some years back and it does appear as if you were “quite busy”.

      I’m a little bit more forgiving of naiveté. Like the other poster said, I suppose it depends on who the question is coming from that really determines how annoyed you would be.

      I suppose the querier gets the “halo effect” if they happen to be moneyed but if they happen to just be from VA as you say with nothing but a good idea then “how dare you bother me”.

      Should people with good ideas just stop it all together. Ideas need development. I’ve seen people with good ideas fly in and meet with my former bosses. Get dismissed and then 5 years later win at Sundance.

      And yet I would say that I too am pretty green by Hollywood game standards myself, even though I have a DGA award, Cosby Fellowship, worked closely with two Academy Award winning producers, licensed my own short to HBO/Cinemax, worked for a Top 6 Agency but I don’t look down on people who ask for help. I ask for help too.

      You ought to consider yourself lucky that people consider you somebody to seek out. Hey it could be the other way around. And people could be like “Tanya who?”

      In the end, you get my respect for being the hardworking person that you are Ms. Kersey but overall I don’t share your sentiments on this one.

        Tanya Kersey - July 18, 2013 Reply

        Fellowman, I offer help in my own way and have done so for 20 years. I have a website blog that shares info and a radio show with nearly 100 interviews with industry professionals that answer almost all the questions that are asked of me. That’s the way I give back. Because I work as a coach and consultant for a living, I will admit I am very put off from people coming at me for free advice. And if they didn’t do their homework and find out what I do beforehand, shame on them. I’ve literally had people email me asking for help and asking what I did because they were referred to me, LOL.

Jaymes - July 11, 2013 Reply

Hi Tanya.

My friend, thanks for providing over the years outlets, forums and direct information on how to grow and succeed in this business called entertainment. I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge your dedicated efforts particularly aimed at celebrating, showing and honoring Black voice, thought, talent, achievement and history in the Cinema Arts and Television arena.


    Tanya Kersey - July 18, 2013 Reply

    Thank you Jaymes!

IV Valentine - July 13, 2013 Reply

There are quite a few issues here that involve the email sender, recipient, and finally societal dysfunctions.
The senders are clearly young and misinformed without question. However everyone comes to their goals with some level of ignorance and naivete and I believe as professionals we take those moments with a grain of salt and move on. These yoing people are bombarded with so many messages that by the time they get to you they dont know how or what to do or say and I dont entirely blame the youth. Competiton is fierce and because every industry except for finance is taking some serious economic hits it makes things even more difficult. These young people have not been given many tools to navigate such a volitile market place.
As the recipient and professional in these moments you have a decision to make: either you are going to entertain said inquiry directly or simply respond with a message about your 10 min. Free consult with link embedded in the email or dont respond at all.
I believe these moments could bare fruit if approached from a different perspective.
Societal dysfunctions are waring on everyones psychy and ability to discern when and how to approach different situations. This goes back to the point of messaging: as we all know the bizness qoute unquote sends out a lot of mixed signals when it comes to how to go about doing things and a lot of us come from enviroments that are not always ready willing and able to support our dreams so for those of us who have made it to any level of clarity and professionalism will have to be a little more patient with the up and comings and learn to be equally parts stern and compassionate. I know for myself every mentor in my life was addressed or approached in the industry standar way all the time so thank god for the patience and compassion that someone chose to show me.
If you have services for the monetarily challenged be sure to ask yourself if those services are being advertised as much and as well as they could be.
“more than just pretty pictures”

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