The Danger of Wishful Thinking And The Delusional Filmmaker (Part Two)

Tanya Kersey here, The Filmmaker’s Success Mentor and welcome back to part two of this article. We’re going to dive right back in and talk about some of the key questions you need to know the answer to in order to be a successful film maker today.

Do you know what your game plan is? Do you have a roadmap that will take you to success? If you don’t, you need one. Do you have a whole bunch of scripts? Do you have pitches for all them? Do you have a log line, summary and synopsis for all of them? Do you know what the audience is and the unique selling proposition for each and every one of them? Can you pitch it so people are attracted to it? If not, then you’ve just got an idea.

There’s lots of ideas out there. Turn an idea into a script then turn the script into a movie that is going to sell. It takes a lot more than just having a vision.

I’m tired of people blaming the man or the industry or whatever it is. No, it’s you! You have got to be the change.

I really want you to take a deep breathe and take a few minutes to close your eyes and really think about where you are in your career right now. Is it all wishful thinking? Am I doing what I need to be doing to move my career and projects along? Am I surrounding myself with people who can really help me? Do I really know what I’m doing?

There’s a path to success. I see it all the time with my clients who get great results. It’s more than just throwing a crowd friendly campaign together. The reason why Filmmakers are successful is because crowdfunding is an art. It’s a technique and  there’s is a way to go do it. It’s not just about putting the campaign together. You have to nurture your crowd.

I’ve seen filmmakers run crowd friendly campaigns and no money comes in. This is business real business! You have ideas for films, that the art. The art has to meet commerce and commerce has structure. Commerce has rules. Commerce needs goals and an action plan. So I want you to stop the wishful thinking. Stop being delusional that the fairy godmother is still making angels from heaven and is going to swoop down and make everything ok. That’s not going to happen.

It has got to be you. It really has to be you.

So I invite you to make sure you join my free Facebook group called, Breakthrough Filmmakers Success Support Group. It’s there to offer a place for filmmakers to network and engage, learn information and ask questions. Join that group here:

I also have a paid coaching group which takes you from script to screen with your project in 16 months. If you want to learn more about that message me on Facebook and I can give you all the details.Get yourself in a group with people who can help you chart your paths to success.

Stop talking about it. Stop thinking on it. Stop wishing on it. Start doing it.

If you’re not reaching success, there’s a reason why. You have to figure out what that reason is and fix it. You can become successful and you can have a great career. You can make movies that people go to watch but you have got to get out of the wishful thinking and the delusional stage.

I hope this is helpful to you and I’ll talk again soon.

  • December 6, 2016

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Anike Bay - December 6, 2016 Reply

Tanya,I enjoyed reading The Danger of Wishful Thinking And The Delusional Filmmaker Part 1 and Part Two and I felt your message was outright straight to the point and true. I think often as Independent filmmakers we do sometimes blame the man or the industry for the lack of funds being allocated towards African American film. I also feel as if we don’t surround ourselves with people who can really help us and often we don’t know what we need to do to move our careers and projects along. A lot of times we are lost and our careers be at a standstill. Any who,good stuff! I enjoyed it!

    Tanya Kersey - December 18, 2016 Reply

    Glad you enjoyed it Anike!

David McKnight - December 6, 2016 Reply

Hi Tanya, It’s Actor DAVID McKNIGHT From Way Back. Congratulations On Your Tenacity
& Well Thought Out Plans, Thoughts, Ideas & Suggestions.
I’m Success Oriented As Well! Just Completed A Co-Star Acting Role With Vivica A. Fox
In: – “A HUSBAND FOR CHRISTMAS” – Airing On ION Cable TV / 11-18 & 24 Dec, 16
Check It Out If You Can. And Hope To Re-Acquaint With You Real Soon. Happy Holidays

    Tanya Kersey - December 18, 2016 Reply

    David! OMG I haven’t heard from you in ages. Great to know you’re still doing you thang. Yes, let’s get together and catch up soon.

Davyd - December 12, 2016 Reply

Yes I agree with Anike Bay but through training with u ,,, u provide the pieces to the puzzles but after that it is up to us to do the work necessary to bring it reality…for some it may take a lil longer than others but the plan can happen, we just gotta not just talk about it, but be about it….
In closing best of luck to all of us Filmmakerpreneurs and God bless…thx again Tanya Kersey.

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